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Premarital / Post-marital Relationship Assessment & Analysis

每對$1000(包括:性格/ 關係評估問卷測試以及 “一次” 75分鐘分析指導)

$1000 per couple (including: Personality/ Relationship Assessment and ONE 75-minute face-to-face session with a counselor/ therapist for analysis and discussion)

可選擇之評估測驗 Choices of assessment inventories:

(1) PREPARE/ENRICH 婚前輔導/婚後成長

這個由美國心理學家大衛.奧遜博士(Dr. David Olson)設計的婚前輔導/婚後成長心理測驗工具,從11個不同的角度全面評估婚前與婚姻的關係,其中包括:對婚姻的期望、性格問題、溝通問題、衝突處理、財政管理、性愛生活、親子關係、親友關係、家庭角色和宗教信仰。

PREPARE/ ENRICH Relationship Assessment is a tool developed by an American psychologist, Dr. David Olson for the use in premarital counseling/ post-marital growth and development. With 11 different sub-categories, the tool assesses individual, premarital, marital and family relationship comprehensively. Categories include: marriage expectations, partner styles/ habits, communication problems, conflict resolution, financial management, sexual expectations, family and friends relationship, relationship roles, and spiritual beliefs.

關於 (PREPARE/ ENRICH) 婚前/婚姻關係分析評估 About PREPARE/ ENRICH Assessment

1. 婚前預備(PREPARE):適用於正準備結婚的情侶。
2. 婚前預備(PREPARE-CC):適用於已有孩子或沒有孩子的同居伴侶。
3. 婚前預備(PREPARE-MC):適用於正準備結婚而帶有孩子的情侶。
4. 婚後成長(ENRICH):適用於尋求婚姻輔導及成長的夫婦。
5. 婚姻更新(MATE):適用於年齡較大(50歲以上)正計劃結婚的伴侶或面臨人生轉折(退休、搬遷等)的夫婦。

PREPARE/ENRICH is suitable to be used for 5 different stages of marriage

1. Premarital couples (REPARE): suitable for couples who are preparing for their marriage
2. Cohabiting couples (REPARE-CC): suitable for couples who are cohabiting, with or without children
3. Premarital couples with children (REPARE-MC): suitable for couples who already have kids and are preparing for their marriage

4. Married couples (ENRICH): suitable for couples who are already married, with or without children, seeking marital counseling and growth in their relationship
5. Couples who are over 50 (MATE): suitable for couples who are over the age of 50, preparing for marriage or facing life-changing experiences (retirement, relocation, etc)


(2) DISC個性風格系統  The DISC Personality System

擁有十多年DISC 個性風格系統專業分析經驗的輔導員,讓你與伴侶更了解彼此的個人特質,洞悉優點及需要優化之處,改善溝通,揚長補短,亦有助工作及學習更加成功及得心應手。

Counselors with over ten years’ professional experience in working with DISC Personality System analysis will help you and your partner to better understand each other's personal attributes, know your strengths and areas to be augmented. Besides improvement in communication and helping to complement each other, enhancement of work and study would be expected too.


(3) T-JTA 泰氏性格分析評估

這心理評估工具用作衡量與個人、人際、學業及職業功能和調節能力相關的人格特徵。它可以讓你與伴侶/家人更深入地認識自己,令雙方能彼此諒解、接納, 取長補短,共同建立更美好、更穩固的關係。

Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA) is a psychological assessment tool that measures personality traits associated with personal, interpersonal, scholastic and vocational functioning and adjustment. It helps you and your partner/ family to better understand yourself, so that each person can appreciate, empathize, accept and accommodate each other more, collaborating to a stronger and more beautiful relationship.


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